Our agency is here to make our families lives less stressful by searching for and finding the perfect professional nanny to meet their needs.

Each family that signs on to use our service will pay a $200 application fee (non-refundable) to our agency.  This fee includes an in person or phone consultation, documents to help hire a nanny into their home and us searching and matching a family to the perfect nanny. After we send families a candidate and they decide to hire, only then will we charge the placement fee.  We want to ensure that the nanny is the best fit for each family, therefore, we offer a one time 90 day replacement guarantee at no additional fee.


Placement Fee


Live-In Nanny


Lives within the family’s home

Full-Time or

Part-Time Nanny*


Lives outside the family’s home

*Rate can vary depending upon hours needed.

Nanny Share


Two families share one nanny

Summer Nanny


Employed less that 90 days

Daily Temp Nanny

Hotel/Event Nanny

$35.00 Daily/

$150.00 Weekly

Temporary daily or weekly help

The Preferred Nanny exclusively works with HomePay to provide our clients with nanny payroll services.

“HomePay℠ Provided by Breedlove is the nation’s leading provider of payroll and tax services for household employers.  We have served more than 60,000 families across the country and processed over $3 Billion in household payroll.  Because we’ve spent the last 25 years completely focused on this highly-specialized area of tax law, we’re able to manage it for our clients with a level of expertise and efficiency that has been heralded in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Economist, Business Week, SmartMoney.com and Kiplinger’s.”

To learn more about nanny payroll visit HomePay

Our nannies are professional and will expect to be paid anywhere from $15-$25 an hour to start depending upon experience, number of children and location.  We want both our nannies and families to be as serious as we are at finding quality and reliable care for our most prized possessions, our children.  Please feel free to contact us directly for any additional information. 412-212-3118