Jessica Trgovic and Jill Tarasi are not only lifelong friends, but nannies, mothers and the proud owners of The Preferred Nanny, LLC for 7 years now.


The Preferred Nanny is a nanny-referral agency that specializes in placing permanent/temporary nannies and on-call sitting services,” Jill states.


Jessica adds, “We began this business because both Jill and I are long-term nannies and mothers, and we wanted to help the families and nannies of Pittsburgh and the surrounding communities find the best care.”


With the advent Of the Internet, there are multiple sources to find childcare, however, The Preferred Nanny is local and unique in that the owners have lived the life of a nanny and a mother. Jill affirms, “Our candidates go through a very thorough application process, and we personally interview each and every one to ensure that they meet our high standards of expertise.”


Jessica adds, “Before I leave an interview with a nanny, I ask myself, ‘Would I trust thig person with MY children?’ If the answer is no, then I would not trust them with yours.”


Jessica and Jill are from Millvale, PA, and both are married with two children

Of their own. They have been nannies most of their lives, and so this business was a perfect fit for them. They want their neighbors to know that background checks are very important. They both believe: “If you need to put the care of your children into someone else’s hands Other than family, then the best bet is to use our service to find the most qualified candidate

“We care about your most precious gifts — your children — and we go above and beyond to find the perfect nanny for your family,” says Jill. “l love meeting families all around our area and connecting them with Pittsburgh’s most professional nannies.”


They are both determined to make this business a successful one. Jessica maintains, “We work hard and as fast as we can to place qualified and reliable care into each home.”


Jill adds, “l love seeing what has changed in the past 10 years in Pittsburgh in the nanny industry.

Nannies are finally being recognized as career professionals, and it makes me ecstatic.“